Tenant Advice

Money & Welfare Benefits Advice

 Our Financial Inclusion Services team has helped our tenants claim a total of £962,841 of benefits to which they were entitled during the year 2015/16.  This service was set up to make sure our tenants were getting what they are owed and the figures show that many tenants had not been claiming a range of benefits to which they are entitled. 

We are continuing to encourage tenants to make use of our Financial Inclusion Service.  If you would like to get some advice, just call the team on 0141 550 9554 .

Advice for tenants

 As a Thenue tenant you may have some questions about your tenancy. Every new tenant will get a new tenant visit from housing staff shortly after moving in but please click on the following or contact us for more information on some commonly asked areas.

  • Your new home
  • Furniture
  • Want to buy my house
  • Mutual exchange
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Relationship Break-Up
  • Ending your tenancy - If you are a current Thenue tenant and you wish to end your tenancy, you must complete and submit a Termination of Tenancy Form, giving us 28 days notice of your intention to move out.  The form can be found by clicking here which you can print off, complete and scan it to us by e-mail to .  Following receipt your Area Services Officer will contact you to discuss your form with you.  If you do plan to leave your home, it is very important that you complete and submit the form to us, along with your keys at the agreed end date.  If you leave your home without completing this form, Thenue would assume that you have abandoned your tenancy and would require to instigate a procedure to bring your tenancy to an end.  Having to do this may affect your future rehousing prospects.