Becoming a Member


If you are a tenant of Thenue or live permanently in one of our properties you can take out  membership and, if you wish, become involved in the work we do.

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Our Management Committee takes on the responsibility of running the Association’s affairs, but also plays an important role in developing our various communities.  It provides strategic leadership and monitors and evaluates the organisation’s business to achieve continued improvements for customers.

Members of the Management Committee are expected to:

  • Have an interest in making our communities better places to live
  • Keep up to date with Regulatory requirements and the legal framework surrounding housing
  • Keep up to date with the local operating environment
  • Attend training and keep knowledge current
  • Prepare for meetings, attend and contribute
  • Make informed decisions
  • Represent the organisation positively and effectively
  • Be involved in recruitment and selection
  • Respect the confidentiality of Thenue's business
  • Work effectively with Thenue staff
  • Annually complete a declaration of interest return

In addition to our Management Committee, we have a number of sub committees which have delegated responsibility for certain parts of our business.

  • Housing Management
  • Finance & Staffing
  • Property Services
  • Community Regeneration

Board of Management 2015/2016