Payments: Frequently Asked Questions

PaymentsHow much and how often do I pay my rent ?

We will send you a letter every February which lets you know how much you must pay each month from 28 March. The amount you pay is made up of your monthly rent and, for certain properties, service charges. The rent  is based on the type and size of property you live in and the facilities you receive. The service charges are based on the actual costs of these services.

How and where do I pay?

You can pay at any Post Office, and at certain shops and garages that have the PAYzone or Paypoint signs. You can also pay directly through your bank or send a cheque or postal order to us.

What about Council Tax and Water charges?

Your Council Tax is a separate payment. You have to pay it to your local Council. Your Council Tax payment includes water and sewerage charges.

How do I keep track of my payments?

You will be given a receipt each time you make a payment at a Post Office, shop or garage and when you make a payment online or by text. Keep this safe and always check that the records are correct. If you pay through your bank, each payment will be shown on your bank statements. You can ask for a statement of your rent and service charge payments at any time. Remember, we measure whether your account is in credit or in arrears on the 28th of each month.

Will my rent go up?

Rent levels are reviewed once a year. If your rent goes up, we will let you know at least four weeks before it must be paid. Rent increases usually come into effect on 28th March each year.

What if I lose my Rent Payment Card?

If you lose your Rent Payment Card, contact the office immediately. We will issue a new one to you within a few days