Smart Communities

 Access to a computer and the internet is one of the factors that restricts people’s life chances. In our most recent tenant satisfaction survey, only 38% of Thenue tenants had access to the internet compared to 83.7% for the UK as a whole. This has a number of negative impacts for residents; they can't reduce their expenditure e.g. from on-line shopping.

  • it increases the social isolation of elderly residents
  • it limits the ability of the unemployed to get a job
  • it restricts the educational potential of them and their children.

 Smart Communities addresses these problems by doing the following

  • we have created small IT training centres in each of our local service centres
  • we provide training courses for people with no IT skills
  • we train people with some IT knowledge as Digital Champions


Project Staff

Digital Inclusion Community Worker                                                                                                                        

Shay Anderson                                                              

0141 550 9575