Money Advice Plus


This project provides money advice support to around 300 tenants, mainly in the Calton and Bridgeton areas, and is grant funded by Wider Role Fund (Scottish Government) and Clyde Gateway for 1 year 2011 / 12.

  • Money Advice Worker
  • Employability Worker

Budget / Finance

Money Advice Plus has a budget of £120,000 for 2011 / 12, sustaining the work beyond 31 March 2012 will depend on Thenue securing grant support from elsewhere or generating income from trading activity. Without additional grant or trading income this part of our financial inclusion service will stop in 2012.


It is our intention to work with other east end housing associations to provide a similar service on a much larger scale to people across the east end. We will prepare a business plan detailing how this will work and the economies of scale it will generate. This is an idea of interest to Clyde Gateway as it is a way of getting employability support to the most disadvantaged people in the east end.

It is also our intention to establish a financial inclusion service that enables us to sell our experience and expertise to other organisations in order to generate income that can subsidise our own projects. We will target small housing associations for whom an investment in their own financial inclusion staff may not be justified.

Money Advice Plus