Our housing

Thenue provides affordable homes for rent in Glasgow.

Most of our properties are available for general lets but 128 are retirement properties and 145 are specifically suited for persons with a disability or with support needs.

Property size

1apt 12
2apt 753
3apt 1287
4apt 632
5apt+ 117

Property age & type

  All types House High rise Tenement 4 in a block Other flat/maisonette
Pre-1919 231 2 0 229 0  0
1919-1944  665 0 0 665 0  0
1945-1964 235 17 0 218 0  0
1965-1982 388 111 0 162 115  0
Post-1982 1282 744 0 302 236  0
Total 2801 874 0 1576 351  0


Property by area

CALTON (635 properties) Main Door Flats
& Houses
1-5  bedrooms Abercromby Square, Chalmers Court/Gate/Place/Street,
Claythorn Circus/Court/Terrace, Green Street/Wynd, Millroad Drive/Gardens/Street
Retirement Housing 1-2 bedrooms Chalmers Court/Gate/Place/Street, Millroad Drive, Stevenson Street
Tenement Flats 1-3 bedrooms Crownpoint Road, Gallowgate, Green Street, Stevenson Street  
Tenement Flats 1-2 bedrooms Moncur Street, Millroad Street, Tobago Street, Bain Street, Gallowgate  
GLASGOW CROSS (54 properties) Flats 1-2 bedrooms London Road, Lanark Street (with lift), Steel Street (1 bed furnished)  
BRIDGETON (1021 properties) Flats/Houses 1-5 bedrooms Abercromby Street, Acorn Court, Anson Street, Colbert Street,
Dale Street, Dalmarnock Road, Dunn Street, Fairbairn Path,
Kerr Street, Landressy Street, London Road, Mill Crescent,
Muslin Street, Old Dalmarnock Road, Queen Mary Street, Reid Place,
Savoy Street
Retirement Housing 1 bedroom 1 bedroom Mackeith Street, Main Street, Dale Path, Main Street
Tenement Flats 1-3 bedrooms Greenhead Street, Greenlodge Terrace, James Street,
Landressy Place, Madras Place/Street, Main Street, Megan Street,
Mill Street, Muslin Street, Tullis Street
Tenement Flats 1-3 bedrooms Acorn Street, Dale Street, Finnart Street, Franklin Street, Muslin Street, Reid Street, Rumford Street
DALMARNOCK (327 properties) Houses 2-4 bedrooms

Allan Street, Auckland Wynd, Baltic Street, Birkwood Street, Bogside Street, Brisbane Lane, Dalmarnock Road, Edinburgh Drive, Gear Terrace, Gold Coast Lane, Hamilton Gate, Kinnear Road, Irvine Street/Court, London Avenue, Perth Lane, Springfield Road, Sunnybank Street, Victoria Loan, Woddrop Street

CASTLEMILK (312 properties) Amenity 1-2 bedrooms Arnprior Crescent, Dougrie Drive  
1-5 bedrooms Blaeloch Avenue/Drive/Terrace, Holmbyre Court/Road  
CRANHILL (284 properties) Main Door Cottage Flats & Houses 1-5 bedrooms Beacon Place, Bellrock Crescent/Street/View, Gartcraig Road,
Loretto Place/Street, Milford Court/Street, Ruchazie Road,
Startpoint Street, Sumburgh Street
BLACKHILL (123 properties) Main Door Cottage Flats & Houses 1-5 bedrooms Bargeddie Street, Frankfield Street, Hogganfield Court/Street,
Molendinar Close/Gardens, Moodiesburn Street, Queenslie Street
BAILLIESTON (19 properties) Houses/Bungalow 2-3 bedrooms Caledonia Drive, Drumpellier Avenue, Muirside Road,
Provandhall Crescent
SCOTSTOUN (13 properties) Flats 1-2 bedroom properties Westland Drive

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