Owners and factoring services

Owners forum

We provide a factoring service for more than 800 owners living within the communities we manage. To view our most recent newsletter for owners, click here.

To get more information on the services we provide, and the costs involved, please click here or contact Nicola Rankine on 0141 550 9534.

We provide a landscaping service to common areas surrounding our housing stock.  As a factored owner, you may be liable for a share of the cost of this service.  To find out more, click here.

If you live in a tenemental or 4 in a block property and Thenue is proposing to carry out works to the common areas of your home, you will be liable for your share of the costs. For more information click here

Selling your Property

It is important as an owner that you let us know at least one month before the date of sale.  A final invoice will be sent to you and charged on a pro rata basis.  Please note that all common repairs are charged to the specific owner at the time the repair was instructed, not when it was completed.