Make a factoring payment


Thenue Housing  issues two six-monthly Factoring invoices which may include:

  • rechargeable common repairs
  • recurring service charges (close cleaning, stair lighting maintenance and electricity charges, backcourt cleaning)
  • buildings insurance (charged annually)
  • landscape maintenance
  • cyclical maintenance
  • factoring administration fee/factoring management fee is also charged as a proportion of each invoice.  We have produced a number of leaflets explaining these charges and how they are calculated which are available at your local office.

Methods of Payment

If you receive an invoice it will be due to be paid within 28 days of issue.  Payment can be made by cheque, owners swipecard or by our Regular Payment Scheme (where agreed, direct debit payments are made by you and a 10% refund is given on the annual Factoring (Administration) Fee).   Contact our Factoring Officer  on 0141 550 9534 or  for further details.