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  Location Address Telephone Category View
     None View
  Amenity (1-2 bedrooms)   G45 9HP None View
  Castlemilk Service Centre   4 Holmbyre Terrace, G45 9PY 0141 634 7000 None View
  Cottage Flats/Houses (2-3 bedroom)   G33 3EB None View
  Cranhill Service Centre   2 Bellrock Close, G33 3HU 0141 774 3030 None View
  Flat/Houses (1-5 bedrooms)   G40 4AP None View
  Flats (1-2 bedrooms)   G1 5PY None View
  Flats/Houses (1-2 bedrooms)   Westland Drive, G14 9NY None View
  Flats/Houses (1-4 bedrooms)   G40 4AB 07553166886 None View
  Flats/Houses (1-5 bed)   G45 9QA None View
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