Other Housing Options

Renting a home - Public Sector

The main providers of rented accommodation in Glasgow are Housing Associations. Part-funded by the Government, housing associations and co-ops are generally set up in local communities and are run by a board made up of local residents. There are currently 68 housing associations and co-ops in Glasgow. Below are contact details for housing associations operating within the areas where we also have accommodation.

Housing Association

Area Covered

Telephone No

Ardenglen Housing Association



0141 634 8016

Cassiltoun Housing Association



0141 634 2673

Craigdale Housing Association



0141 634 6473

Greater Easterhouse Common Application www.easthallpark.org.uk


0141 781 2277

Milnbank Housing Association



0141 551 8131

Molendinar Park Housing Association


0141 564 5256

New Gorbals Housing Association



0141 429 3900

North View Housing Association



0141 634 0555

Parkhead Housing Association



0141 556 6226

Reidvale Housing Association



0141 554 2406

Ruchazie Housing Association

www.scottishhoousingconnections.org/ HA/Ruchazie


0141 774 4433

Shettleston Housing Association



0141 763 0511

Tollcross Housing Association

www.scottishousingconnections.org/HA/ tollcross


0141 763 1317

West of Scotland Housing Association


Gallowgate Camlachie

0141 550 5600

There are also a number of specialist housing associations which have accommodation throughout Scotland for older people. Their contact details are:

Housing Association

Telephone No

Bield Housing Association


0141 270 7200

Trust Housing Association


0141 227 1994

Hanover Scotland


0141 553 6300

The largest housing association in Glasgow is Wheatley Homes. They own property in most areas of the city and they operate a Choice Based Lettings Scheme. They can be contacted at:

Wheatley Homes Glasgow


0800 479 7979

A list of housing associations and co-ops in Scotland is available from:


0141 242 5642

Renting a home - Private Sector

As well as housing associations, there are around 27,000 private rented properties throughout the city and more information on them can be found using Glasgow City Council’s online Housing Options Guide found here:


Glasgow Property - to rent or buy

Rightmove provides information on properties to rent or buy in all areas of the UK. More information is available on their website www. rightmove.co.uk.

Glasgow Key Fund - Rent Deposit Guarantee Services

Glasgow City Council supports a scheme operated by Ypeople which helps homeless people or people who are about to become homeless and who are unable to afford a deposit to access housing in the privately rented sector. More information is available from Glasgow City Council’s Housing Options website under “Rents. Deposits and Charges.”

Exchanging your Home

If you are a tenant of a local authority or housing association, it is possible for you to swap your home with another public sector tenant. Your landlord will be able to provide further information on this but you may also wish to find out more by checking https://www.homeswapper.co.uk

Owning a Home

There are various low-cost home ownership schemes available to assist people who wish to buy their home. These include: New Supply Shared Equity; Open Market Shared Equity; Shared Ownership.

If you currently own your home but are facing difficulties with your mortgage payments, there are scheme available to help you stay in your home and these include: Mortgage to Rent (a scheme which allows a local housing provider to buy the property and rent it back to the occupant). There is also an Equity Release Scheme, available to people 55 years or over who wish to release equity from their property.

More information on all of the above is available from Glasgow City Council’s Housing Options Guide found here:


Homeless or Roofless

If you are homeless or about to be homeless, you should make an application to Glasgow City Council who, under the law, have a duty to carry out an assessment of your circumstances and, depending on the outcome, provide suitable accommodation. The Council have three Community Casework offices. The offices which cover the Association’s areas are detailed below: 


Calton, Bridgeton, Baillieston, Cranhill



North East Community Casework Service
1250 Westerhouse Road Easterhouse
Glasgow G34 9EA

Phone 0141 276 6153

North Community Casework Service
30 Mansion Street Glasgow G22 5SZ

Phone 0141 276 6169

Fax 0141 276 6172

South Community Casework Service,

1st Floor Twomax Building,

187 Old Rutherglen Road, Glasgow G5 0RE

Phone 0141 276 8201 or 0141 276 6180

Fax 0141 276 8278

The Council also provides an out of hours emergency service as follows:

From Monday to Friday the Out of Hours Homelessness Service will be delivered from Glasgow City Mission

On these nights if you are homeless and need a service, then:

between 4.45pm - 11pm

  • single males/females should attend Glasgow City Mission, 20 Crimea Street, Glasgow G2 8PW

  • women and families with Children should phone the Freephone number 0800838502

    after 11pm

• everyone should phone Out of Hours number: 0800 838502

On a Saturday and Sunday, the service will be delivered from: Hamish Allan Centre, 180 Centre, Street, Glasgow G5 8EE

More information can be found on Glasgow City Council’s website at:


General Advice and Information

For general advice on housing, there various other agencies that can provide information including:

Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living

Positive Action in Housing

Scottish Refugee Council


This is a
disabled user
led organisation offering advice
on many aspects
of independent living in and around Glasgow.

127 Brook Street Glasgow G40 3AP Tel: 0141 550 4455


This charity provides advice, information and support to people from new migrant, refugee and minority ethnic communities.

They offer a free, confidential and impartial casework service for those facing poverty, homelessness, racism or poor housing.

98 West George Street
Glasgow G2 1PJ Tel: 0141 353 2220


A Scottish charity helps refugees and asylum seekers with a range of issues including housing issues.

17 Renfield Street
Glasgow G2 5AH
Tel: 0141 248 9799


Shelter is a housing and homelessness charity that provides free, confidential advice to people with a range of housing problems.

They provide advice, information and advocacy to people in housing need. They provide face to face advice and also have an online housing information service. They can be contacted on their free housing advice helpline.

116 Osborne Street Glasgow G1 5QH
Tel: 0808 800 4444

www. shelterscotland. org.uk

The Association’s staff can provide advice and information on how to find the best solution for your housing problem. Please just ask to speak to a member of staff from our Housing Support Team.