Contacting us about a repair

You can report a repair using our portal or app, or by any of the methods listed below:

Out of Hours Emergency

GAS HEATING REPAIRS:   0333 202 0708 Carried out by City Technical Services

ALL OTHER REPAIRS:   0370 191 0001 Carried out by MEARS
Mears out of office hours (5.00pm - 9.00am Monday to Thursday, from 4.00pm on a Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday and public holidays)

Exception to the above would be if you have moved into a New build property within the last 12 months then please refer to your handbook which details the numbers to call in an emergency.


For emergency repairs within office hours, please contact us on 0141 550 3581. For an emergency repair outwith these hours please use the numbers above.

The contractor will endeavour to attend within 4 hours and where possible the service will be restored or the item made safe as soon as possible.

A follow up job line may be created to fully complete the repair.

Emergency repairs are those where there is a risk to your safety, danger to health and to prevent serious damage to the building or total loss of services


For non-emergency repairs, please contact us on 0141 550 3581 then press option 1. We will attempt to complete these repairs within 8 working days (10 working days for external repairs)

We will endeavour to have repairs in this category attended to within 8 or 10 working days depending on the type of repair involved.  If the repair is inside your property we will arrange a mutually agreed 2 hour slot with you for our contractor to attend and carry out the work.  Where the nature of the repair affects your comfort or convenience we will do our best to get you the first available appointment for the trade required.  Where the job is external and the contractor can reach the area without you being in attendance then there is no need for an appointment to be made.

Abercromby Development Emergency Out of Hours Contact Details 








Main Contractor


Cruden Building (Scotland)

Office Hours only
Mon-Thurs 8:00am-5:00pm Fri 8:00am-4:00pm

0141 646 5400




Out of hours number


On call electrician

0141 771 3216



City Technical Ltd

Out of hours number

0333 202 0708




Out of hours number

On call plumber

0141 816 0049




24 Hour Number

01303 261210




Out of hours number

On call electrician

0141 771 3216




Out of hours number

On call plumber

0141 816 0049

Right to Repair

As a result of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, tenants are entitled to certain specified repairs being carried out within a certain timescale, failing which the tenant is entitled to a flat rate compensation payment as detailed in the Right to Repair legislation.  More details of this legislation can be found in Scottish Statutory Instrument 2002/03 Number 316 – “Right to Repair”.

Thenue Housing has a policy to enable the Right to Repair legislation to be implemented.  To view this policy click here.

Gas Servicing and Repairs

City Technical Services carries out the servicing and repairs to your Gas Heating System: boiler, associated pipework and radiators.  Mears will continue to be responsible for all other non-heating day to day repairs.

City Technical Services will letter you in advance with an appointment for your annual gas service.  If this date is not suitable, or you want to make a more specific appointment, please contact us as soon as possible.  Please include your name, address and a contact phone number on any message.

Telephone Numbers (during office hours):

Gas Repairs 0141 550 3581 choose option 1 then option 1

Gas Servicing 0141 550 3581 choose option 1 then option 3

Please note: if you are an owner we will take details from you of any common property repair required but we do not carry out internal repairs to your home.

For out of hours number please refer to section "Out of Hours Emergency" above.


Our Free Handyperson Service:

Our FREE Handyperson Service

The Handyperson Service is provided by Thenue and delivered by Glasgow Care & Repair.

The Handyperson Service is available to Thenue tenants where all members of the household are aged 65 & over OR have a disability or long term medical condition.  The Service provides practical assistance by carrying out small repairs and tasks around the home.  

  • The labour is FREE OF CHARGE - payment is only required for any materials required to be purchased by the Handyperson.  Materials could be things like a light bulb, shelf, wireless doorbell, towel rail or curtain pole. The Handyperson can purchase these items for you or you may wish to provide them yourself.  There are also many jobs you may require which do not require materials, such as moving furniture from one room to another or moving large items outside for uplift (uplift is the responsibility of the tenant), turning heavy mattresses, changing curtains, replacing a washer, light shades, adjusting roller blinds, plane internal doors after new carpets fitted or re-seal around the bath. Some small jobs around the garden may be carried out such as repairing locks on huts, gates, hanging flower baskets or supplying and fitting an external grab rail (not bannisters).
  • Glasgow Care & Repair also provide signposting to Thenue tenants to local contractors for jobs such as:  connecting washing machines, painting and decorating or building flat pack furniture.

Thenue tenants can contact Glasgow Care & Repair direct on:  0141 433 2749 or email:  or click on the link below to access an online referral form: