General accessibility web links


Information, factsheets and step-by-step guides on approaches and technology to help disabled computer users. AbilityNet has useful links to UK organisations on its website, including literacy-related organisations and specialist IT suppliers.

Directgov - Disabled people

The Government's one-stop directory of public services relating to disability.

Disability Now

The online edition of the magazine for people with disabilities.

Wikipedia - Computer accessibility

An overview of the topic on the collaborative online encyclopedia.

W3C - Web Accessibility Initiative

The WAI works with a variety of organisations to develop strategies, guidelines, and resources to help make the web-accessible.

Operating systems' accessibility web links

Apple - Accessibility

This section of the Apple website contains information on all aspects of disabled access to the Macintosh.

Gnome Accessibility

A project by developers and users to develop open-source accessibility solutions for this Linux desktop environment.

KDE Accessibility Project

A community of developers and other volunteers dedicated to ensuring this Linux desktop environment is accessible to all users.

Microsoft - Accessibility

Microsoft's accessibility site includes information and tutorials on its disabled access features, for both users and developers.

Vision-related web links

British Computer Association of the Blind

A self-help group of visually impaired computer professionals and users.

Royal National Institute of the Blind

Information on all aspects of vision impairment, including computer access and other technologies. The RNIB's Useful links page has a comprehensive list of UK vision-related technology and standards resources.

Hearing-related web links

Action on Hearing Loss

The website of the rebranded Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID) has information and resources for deaf and hard of hearing people.

British Deaf Association

News, information on British Sign Language, and other resources on the website of the organisation run by deaf people for deaf people.

BSL Academy

The BDA's initiative to train and improve the quality of BSL (British Sign Language) teachers and to increase BSL awareness.


The website of the charity that applies communications technology to create deaf-friendly resources, notably Viewtalk, which allows users to watch and upload video blogs and messages, and has training films for improving BSL vocabulary.

European Union of the Deaf

The EUD is a pan-European non-profit making organisation representing the interests of deaf Europeans.

University of Bristol - Centre for Deaf Studies

Europe's first academic institution to concentrate solely on research and education that aims to benefit the deaf community.

Language and reading web links

British Dyslexia Association

Information on resources for dyslexic people, local support and publications.

Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

The HADC offers training and support for educators and people with dyslexia.

Dyslexia Action

Website of the charity providing services and support for people with dyslexia and literacy difficulties.

National Literacy Trust

Website of the charity that aims to improve reading and writing skills for all ages.

Keyboard and mouse: mobility-related web links

Ace Centre - Resources

The Ace Centre website's Resources section includes UK suppliers of communication aids.

Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors

Information on ergonomics and ergonomic design - including computer workstation design.

Inclusive Technology - Links

The Inclusive Technology website links to a wide range of suppliers, support organisations and other contacts in all areas of physical difficulty.

Multiple Sclerosis Society

The MS Society website has information and resources for people who have multiple sclerosis. Its Helpful Organisations page has links to organisations that provide advice on equipment and services for people with physical disabilities.

RSI Awareness

The Repetitive Strain Injury Association's website includes information on all aspects of RSI: causes, treatments, research and legal issues.