Things aren’t the same here as they are in England

Last updated: 9.31am, Wednesday 13th May 2020 by

Today the coronavirus lockdown eased slightly in England as some return to work. Here in Scotland, there is no change. As things stand in Scotland, the status quo exists in terms of work life, with the following statement from the Scottish Government remaining valid:

“As set out in Coronavirus (COVID-19): staying at home and away from others: people can travel to and from work, but only where they cannot work from home. All business workplaces that are not being specifically required to close should consider a set of key questions – and at all times work on the precautionary basis:
• Is what you do essential or material to the effort against the virus or to the wellbeing of society?
• Are you able to demonstrate and give confidence to your workforce that you can consistently practice safe social distancing and comply with all other standard health and safety requirements?”

As soon as there is a change – we’ll implement it here at Thenue.
Stay safe. Stay at home.

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