Thumbs up for Thenue!

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We have been given a significant endorsement by our tenants in a wide-ranging opinion survey.

The sparkling set of results - with most approval ratings at 90 per cent or above - confirm the Association remains highly regarded by the people we serve.

The survey carried out by a research company with 1,123 tenants, found that a massive 92 per cent of people said they were very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the service we provide.

We always place the highest possible emphasis on making sure our homes and our service meet our tenants’ expectations

Satisfaction with the repairs and maintenance service was a healthy 89 per cent among those who had a repair carried out in the last 12 months. That figure rose to 91 per cent among tenants who had ever had a Thenue repair.

The overall quality of customer service is rated very highly with 93% of all respondents rating it as good or very good.

Some of the other eye-catching findings are:

*90 per cent were satisfied with the quality of their home.
*90 per cent were satisfied with the overall service from Thenue with 43 per cent “very satisfied” and 47 per cent “fairly satisfied.”
*88 per cent were satisfied with Thenue’s management of their neighbourhood.

Researchers from ibp Research & Strategy who carried out the survey also found value for money scored highly among those responding. We put value for money at the heart of everything we do and the message has clearly struck a chord with tenants. On rents, 77 per cent said what they pay was good or very good value.

Researchers also found widespread support among customers for Thenue’s high profile welfare rights and money advice activities with 79 per cent of people aware such help was offered by the Association.

Chief Executive Charles Turner said: “These findings are an important snapshot of customer opinion which enhances and influences our work at every level.

“We are naturally very pleased indeed to learn what people think of us and the work we carry out. Our value for money approach has clearly resonated with our customers and we endeavor at all times to deliver on that.

“The figures also illustrate the dedication, hard work and professionalism of our Board and every single member of staff. The research also highlights some of our work ahead. For example, it tells us that around 57% of our tenants are in fuel poverty, but 60% do not have the skill or knowledge to be able to switch energy supplier in order to get a better deal.

“This is an area we can help our tenants maximise their income and also stay warm over the winter. Working together we create better homes and stronger communities…making people happy”