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Castlemilk's Netherholm Hall turns five as community gathers to mark milestone

OUR Netherholm community is celebrating a special birthday five years on from one of their greatest triumphs.
It succeeded in building their own community hall in 2018 after years of tireless campaigning with support from Thenue Housing.
Now a special celebratory fun day for families has taken place to mark the incredible achievement.
The aim of the hall is to bring people together and it has been a stunning success – creating neighbourhood wellbeing and a focal point for countless community activities.
Spearheading the drive over many years was the Netherholm Area Association, a residents’ group affiliated to Thenue and who, remarkably, obtained £1 million from the Big Lottery Fund Scotland – now known as the National Lottery Community Fund.
The stunning achievement was 20 years in the making as campaigners endeavoured to bring the much-needed facility to Castlemilk.
Earlier this month its latest innovation was the launch of a “sensory garden” aimed at creating peace and tranquillity for local residents to enjoy.
Frank Soutar of the Netherholm Area Association said: “The Netherholm Hall has undoubtedly been a success and is now an invaluable asset to our community.
“Local people rightly take pride in it and they continue to value and respect this important community facility. Five years later we can see how all those years of hard work has paid off.”
The hall is run by Thenue Communities – a charitable subsidiary of Thenue Housing which has many of its homes close to the hall. It works closely with the Netherholm Area Association.
Our Chief Executive Gary Naylor praised the community effort which resulted in the hall’s creation.
Gary said: “This is a shining example of community empowerment which has delivered a vital hub which is widely used and ultimately brings people together. Netherholm Area Association deserve huge praise for what has been a truly incredible achievement.”
Partners and funders attended the family fun day and the organisers singled out for praise Glasgow City Council for providing funding for holiday kids’ lunches delivered through “Castlemilk Together: Community Food Action.”
A key part of the hall’s success has been the reliance on volunteers of whom there are many who devote their time and energy selflessly to the task of making the hall a hive of activity.

Pictured: Some of the volunteers who have made the hall such as success.