Remember - we’re always here for you, despite our office remaining closed!

Last updated: 2.08pm, Friday 2nd October 2020 by

Since lockdown was imposed in March, the Scottish Government advised us to work from home, rather than their usual workplace, wherever possible. This guidance has not yet changed, with home working and flexible working still being the default position.
The First Minister has said that she was not currently able to announce a date when workers can return to non-essential offices, which is why our proposed date for re-opening our office on 14th September did not happen; neither will our second proposed date of 5th October. Forward dates will be reviewed every three weeks, and as soon as we have any relevant update – you’ll see it here.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to operate our services remotely. Remember, using our App, gives you access go us 24/7. All our staff are working and we can all be contacted either in your usual way; alternatively, a full list of staff contacts can be found at

Stay safe, protect others and save lives!