Request an Office Appointment

Last updated: 12.33pm, Tuesday 31st August 2021 by

Now we are able to see you in person and the doors to our London office have re-opened, tenants and customers are able to request an office appointment.

We have protocols in place to ensure we have a safe environment for both staff and anyone visiting for their appointment. Eventually we hope to move away from the appointment system and allow visitors to drop in as they would have done pre covid, however, this isn’t possible at present.

Appointments, are running Monday – Thursday and will be between 10am and 4pm. The office will remain closed to the public on a Friday.

To request an appointment, please complete the form using the link below. You need to use the drop downs to select the team you wish to see, and you can also request an individual officer should you so wish. Add the reason for your appointment request in the test box and submit your form.

The team will then contact you on the contact details you have provided in the form and firm up your appointment in terms of a suitable time and date, particularly if you have requested to see a certain officer as this will depend on the days they are due to be in the office. Obviously, if we are able to resolve your query over the phone we will do so to prevent any delay.

Please find the link to the appointment request form below: