Thenue in Biggest Ever Energy Boost

Last updated: 10.40am, Thursday 3rd February 2022 by

We are stepping up our efforts to help YOU tackle the increasing costs of fuel bills. The commitment comes on the same day energy regulator OFGEM is expected to lift the “energy price cap” freeing fuel providers to send bills rocketing – especially gas.
Worryingly, worst case predictions say bills could soar by 50 per cent in the spring.

Housing associations and housing co-operatives – in the true spirit of the movement – are leading the way with ways of helping tenants withstand unprecedented energy bill pressure. At our AGM last September Chief Executive Charles Turner warned of the ‘perfect storm’ approaching led by rising energy bills, changes to Universal Credit and an impending National Insurance rise expected in April.

Since 2018, we have been supporting tenants with energy advice and like so many housing providers we are ideally placed to empower tenants to understand their energy usage. Since November 2020 Julie Broadley, our Energy Advisor – a post funded through the Energy Redress Fund - has received 528 referrals. From energy top ups to practical measures to encouraging energy saving behaviour, Thenue’s Energy Advice project has supported 354 households. Julie said: “Fuel poverty is a huge issue for many people and the situation shows no sign of improving in the short term. We recognise those on low incomes face incredible difficulty in heating their homes and coping with the energy price hike.“In addition to the help we are already providing we will continue to focus on delivering increased advice with energy conservation tips to keep the heat inside people’s homes.”

Charles Turner added: ‘What has become clear in recent weeks is the incredible effort housing associations and housing co-operatives everywhere are making to help tenants.

“Every week we hear of another housing provider going the extra mile in terms of assisting tenants with energy costs – proving that the deep-roots we have grown in our communities can make a real difference to people’s lives.”

Thenue secured funding from the Scottish Government’s Social Funding Housing Fuel Support Scheme administered by the SFHA and has provided thermal curtains, draught excluders and energy top ups to households struggling with their energy bills.

Additionally, Thenue is helping tenants access fuel vouchers through the Fuel Bank Foundation. The Association’s Financial Inclusion team were already deeply engaged in fighting the corner for people in poverty.

You can contact our energy advisor on tel 550 9558 and remember our general financial inclusion email address is tel 550 9554/9553