A Very Happy Anniversary

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We celebrated our 40th anniversary with our Members on Friday, October 25 at West on the Green near our office in Calton.

As you can imagine it was a very special day filled with nostalgia and, of course, a great sense of history.

It was wonderful to see everyone who is part of the Thenue family. Our Chief Executive Charles Turner, in his address, spoke of the rich historical connection Thenue has to Glasgow and how we got our name.

This came from St Thenue – the mother of Glasgow’s patron saint St Mungo – whose history is a fascinating one. St Thenue had a traumatic upbringing as the princess of a pagan king. As a young, pregnant and unmarried woman in the 6th or 7th century her father ordered her to be hurled from a hill in East Lothian known as ‘Traprain Law’.

When she survived the fall she was put in a small boat and cast adrift in the Firth of Forth to perish.  The boat, however, drifted over to Culross in Fife where she was given sanctuary by St Serf, and gave birth to Mungo who later came to Glasgow and founded the Cathedral.

Meanwhile, two special performances delighted the guests – one from Witserface, the fabulous Maureen Carr and Nae Drama and a second from the sensational performing arts group Visual Statement.

In his remarks, our Chair Derek Quinn thanked the many suppliers and contractors who contributed to the cost of running our many 40th anniversary events throughout the year. It’s worth remembering that none of these celebrations were paid for from tenants’ rents.

Special mention must go to law firm T C Young whose generous sponsorship of the 40th anniversary event on October 25 is appreciated by us all. Thanks in particular go to Managing Partner Andrew Cowan and Kirsty Nairn, Head of Business Development who were able to join us along with some of their colleagues.
Finally, a huge thanks to the team at West on the Green and their hardworking staff for looking after us so well.

Here’s to the next 40 years!

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