DOUBLE housing boost for Bridgeton

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£6.4 million for new homes and huge programme of tenement improvements

Tenants in Bridgeton have received the perfect early Christmas present in the form of a £6.4 million double housing boost.

We are spending £4.5 million on new flats and houses in Bridgeton and a further £1.9 million on breathing new life into existing local tenements.

This is great news for Bridgeton and reflects our ongoing commitment to building much-needed new homes and improving existing ones.

Thirty one flats and houses for rent are under construction at Dunn Street, Main Street and Rumford Street on a site known locally as 'the playground'. They are due for completion next year, with the exciting news that a second phase of an additional 16 houses may follow.

Meanwhiile, in what is the BIGGEST EVER renovation of Bridgeton tenements, we are carrying out £1.9 million of improvements to these homes.

Work began within the last three weeks at the homes in Dale Path and Reid Street. The 'inter-war' tenements - so called due to their construction between both world wars - will now have an extended life thanks to the renovations.

These include rewiring, new central heating, new kitchen units and bathrooms, new windows, new cladding to the exterior of the buildings and painting of closes.

The cladding alone, which will greatly improve both the insulation and the physical appearance of the buildings, is costing £652,000.

Sixty nine flats are undergoing modernisation and refurbishment, and work will be ongoing into the middle of 2012.

Charlie Turner, Chief Executive, said: "This is the perfect early Christmas present for Bridgeton. New homes are coming and tenements are getting significant renovations.

"These new homes are much needed and our development will make a real difference.

"In terms of what we are spending on the tenements, it is the biggest ever improvement with we have undertaken in Bridgeton homes and it is being greatly welcomed by local people.

"Tenants will notice a real transformation to their homes both inside and outside, and will help them in the battle against increasing gas and electricity prices."

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