Membership vote for Board members for first time in a decade

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Our members went to the polls at this September’s AGM to choose new members of the Board.

It was the first time in TEN YEARS that demand for places on the Board outstripped the number of vacancies.

The result was a ballot to choose from seven people vying for the six places available.

Our records show there hasn’t been a ballot to pick Board members since 2008 with enough vacancies available each year since then to accommodate those wishing to fill them.

Sending members to the polls remains highly unusual within the housing association movement.

Charles Turner, our Chief Executive said: “We are delighted by this election and it shows that democracy underpins the operation of housing associations.

“It also says something about the interest there is in Thenue and the desire to be involved in helping to deliver community-based housing. I think our electorate enjoyed the process and we thank them for turning out in such high numbers.

“The ballot may have lacked the nail-biting drama of general election night but it was no less important in ensuring people had their say.”

Members heard from Owen Stewart – delivering his final message as Chair – that the previous year was significant for the creation of a large number of new homes.

Two developments in Castlemilk and Bridgeton were opened along with a new £1 million community centre in Castlemilk while work was ongoing near the Gallowgate with the transformation of the iconic former Monteith Hotel in Monteith Row - one of Glasgow’s most historic streets.

In his address, Charles Turner sounded a renewed warning of the impact of Universal Credit saying it was - and would - continue to cause real hardship to those who can withstand it least. The controversial new State benefit is being implemented in full in Glasgow from December.

He pledged that we were working with others to dilute the effects of Universal Credit on affected tenants and more generally the Association would continue to offer a “fair deal” to customers while promising no let up in the delivery of Thenue’s regeneration work.

“We will continue to do what’s right for the benefit of our tenants,” he said
Charles also revealed that even more house building was coming to create 77 new properties near its London Road offices, 12 flats created by rebuilding a tenement, 27 retirement homes in Bridgeton and plans for a further 80 houses near Dalmarnock station.

Charles added: “Most of our tenants see the value in us continuing to build new houses and support us in doing so.”

*We are now preparing for a year of celebrations to mark our 40th anniversary in 2019 with a firm emphasis in involving our communities in the activities.