Policy Review

Last updated: 9.57am, Friday 24th November 2017 by

We have recently reviewed the Rent Policy and Shared Ownership Policy which require consultation with tenants and sharing owners prior to final approval.


We are proposing to make the following key changes to our Rent Policy:
a) The first rent we charge in new build properties will now be the Scottish Government Benchmark Rent for social housing, which is used to calculate Government Grant awarded to help build new social housing. After the development is completed we will then apply Thenue’s Rent Policy Rent to bring the rent charged in line with all other Thenue properties. This might result in an increase or a decrease the following year, depending on whether the Scottish Government Rent is higher or lower than the Thenue rent.

b) We will apply a new Rent Factor to our rent policy for Communal Wifi system. Rent factors reflect the different amenities of properties. Any Thenue development which has Communal Wifi infrastructure in place will be changed this additional Rent Factor (currently 35 rent points = £50.05 per year). Our first block with Wifi has recently been installed in a block of flats in Bridgeton.


We have reviewed our Shared Ownership Policy which sets out how the way in which Thenue will manage our Shared Ownership properties including any changes in ownership.

The Policy confirms in particular how costs will be allocated between sharing owners and Thenue whenever there is any change in ownership.


Please click on the 'Download Document' link below or contact our office if you wish to see a copy of our new Rent or Shared Ownership Policy to allow you to feedback comments on the above noted changes or any other aspect of either policy.

Any feedback from tenants and sharing owners on our new Rent and Shared Ownership Policies will be considered by our Board at their meeting in January2018.