Thank you! From you to us and Back Again!

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We always do our best, and the past few weeks have obviously been more difficult that most. But we thought that we would like to say a big thank you to all our tenants that take the time to appreciate what we are doing.

Here are just a few of your very welcome comments. They are all much appreciated, as they make our work worthwhile. They brighten up our day and put a smile on all our faces. Working together we create better homes and stronger communities…making people happy

•I would like to thank all Thenue stall and Rosie and Jane. I don’t know how we would have managed without you all. The people of the Calton are all saying how grateful they are for everything they have got – food, butcher meat which is lovely when cooked thank you COX and Thenue. TO CHARLIE and STAFF you have made lockdown really easy - also THE PEOPLE who are lovely and bring our lunch - SOUP and SANDWICH. How would we have managed if it was not for all your help? THANK YOU ALL xxx

•My elderly aunt was pleased to get a phone call from you to check up on her. Fortunately she has me to help her, but we’re grateful for the offer of help x

•Although I am managing to do my own shopping, Caroline still calls to check I am ok. Thank You, doing a great job.

•Thank you Thenue, the work you guys are doing is fantastic and I’m just happy to try and help a little bit along the way.

•Great service

•Well done. Very informative. Looking forward to seeing you all when this madness is all over.

•Well done for helping people in need - I got a phone call 2 weeks ago to see if I needed help which I thought was really nice as I live alone and self-isolate. Thank you for the good work. Much appreciated. x

•Well done Thenue, if only more were like yourselves

•Thank you all for your help what would we do without you angels

•Thank you Thenue. Can honestly say my mum is being well looked after. I applaud you x

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