Thenue announces “low” rent increase for 2014-2015

Last updated: 9.18am, Friday 7th March 2014 by

Thenue Housing has announced the amount which rents will rise by in the year 2014-2015.

The rise will be 2.6 per cent which compares favourably with many other housing associations.

It is believed that this is the THIRD LOWEST rise of any housing association in Scotland which has so far announced its increase.

Others have opted for rises greater that Thenue’s increase – in some cases as high as 4.7 and 5 per cent.

Thenue described its rent rise as “low” and said it had done everything to minimise the increase while ensuring the organsiation remained financially robust.

Charlie Turner, Chief Executive of Thenue said: “We understand these are difficult financial times for many people and we have done our utmost to make sure that this increase has been kept to a minimum.

“When you consider what other housing providers have opted for in terms of a rent increase ours is significantly lower by comparison.

“The money we collect from rents does many things. It ensures that repairs are carried out efficiently and promptly, that we invest in our housing stock, that we build more homes and commit significant resources to regenerating communities.

“This has been backed up by high levels of customer satisfaction carried out by an independent survey which, in the most recent snapshot of opinion, found that over 90 per cent of tenants were satisfied with Thenue.

“People can can be assured that at all times Thenue will put our customers first and deliver high quality housing in the communities we serve.”