Thenue Communities

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Thenue Communities is a charitable subsidiary of Thenue Housing Association, and has been working to tackle social disadvantage through the management of two community facilities. It has been operating since the opening of Calton Heritage & Learning Centre on 1st November 2013. The 1st November is a special date for us because at about 5.15pm that evening in 1889, unusually high winds caused a large section of the new western extension of James Templeton’s carpet factory to collapse into the adjoining weaving shed.

The builders had finished at 5pm, but the women at the 40 looms in the weaving sheds weren’t due to finish until 6pm. Three great gusts of wind brought the five storey mill building down onto the sheds. A rescue operation went on throughout the night, with the last of the 29 bodies being brought out at 3am. In addition, 32 women were injured. Calton Heritage & Learning Centre reaches into a memorial garden to acknowledge and remember the victims of the tragedy. The garden has been improved as part of the project and provides a very fitting memorial to those 29 young women who lost their lives back in 1889.

The second community centre is currently under construction, and it is situated in Netherholm, Castlemilk. Calton Heritage & Learning Centre and Netherholm Community Hall are both community hubs that aim to promote and celebrate both the area’s heritage as well as providing a place for local people of the area to access services, particularly learning opportunities.

The Board, which oversees the strategic operation of both centres, is made up of ten individuals; six of whom are local residents. They are:-
• Betty Cosgrove, (Chair), Bernadette Johnston, Cathie Martin, Lynn Gourlay, Mary MacPherson and Joan Soutar.

The other four Board members are:-
• Elizabeth Reilly, Natalie Phillips, Charles Turner and Jim Coleman.

The staff are:-
• Rosie Robertson, (Manager), Ross Campbell, John Reilly, Kim Reilly and Michael Mooney.

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