Well Done Guys!

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Brilliant result as charity golf day raises £2320 for Cystic Fibrosis charity

A charity golf day raised a sensational £2320 for a wonderful charity.

Regulars at a number of east end bars got together to host the event at Westerwood Hotel golf course at Cumbernauld.

Now the Cystic Fibrosis Trust has presented the men – many of whom are Thenue tenants - with a special certificate thanking them for their fantastic fundraising.

A number of bars were involved in helping namely the 222 Bar, Londoner Bar, Calton Bar and Hielan Jessie Bar.

The effort attracted a high degree of sponsorship from generous businesses who were:

Morrisons supermarket, Arnold Clark, Next, Muirhead Leather Manufacturers and Suppliers, The Food Stop, Spice Grill, Video Watchman Systems and David Cox and Sons

Thenue also donated £200 towards the effort which also included a dance.

The fundraising was described as a “real team effort” by one of the organisers Roger Darroch.

Roger said: “We are all friends and the willingness to raise the money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust was tremendous. Everyone did a great job and we are so pleased to be able to deliver this cash boost to the charity.

“We do something similar each year and hope to do it again for another good cause in 2018. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of our sponsors who were so willing to help.”

Special mention must go to the following who were involved J Hamilton, M McElhinney, J Ferns, C Ferns, W Ferns. H Kennedey, J Mosson, A Reilly, R Kelly, l Hollis, B Cuthbertson, A Gibson, J Bradley, W Wallace, S McDonald, R Darroch, R Kennedey, A Kennedey jnr, A Kennedey snr, M Gallagher, R Brooks, C Clancy, Paddy & G McMonigle and “Big Brian”.