Well done Thenue!

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Glowing inspection report gives sheltered housing services a pat on the back and says staff "go the extra mile".

Sheltered housing provided by Thenue Housing has been given a glowing endorsement from the Care Inspectorate.

The housing association scored very highly on a range of issues examined by inspectors who visited Thenue's two developments in Calton and Bridgeton.

Thenue gained very good grades by being awarded a score of FIVE in three key areas of its sheltered housing provision, namely:

quality of care and support
quality of staffing
quality of management and leadership

The maximum grade which could have been awarded by the Care Inspectorate is a six.

Thenue said the verdict was "terrific" and confirmed the high level of service offered to tenants benefiting from its sheltered housing service.

Thenue has 128 sheltered tenants in total - 67 in Calton and 61 in Bridgeton.

Charlie Turner, Chief Executive of Thenew, said: "We are delighted with the result of our inspection by the Care Inspectorate. Everything we do is geared towards delivering the highest level of service to our tenants.

"We are particularly delighted with remarks made to the Inspectors by the tenants themselves.

"The inspection report is reassuring to our tenants who know that they are receiving a service of such a high quality and it is of course a great pat on the back for our staff who deliver the service. The report will be discussed at our Tenants Focus Group meeting and we will strive to ensure that our next inspection proves to be just as successful."

Part of the inspection process involved asking tenants for their views.

Tenants told the Inspectors that the service was "brilliant and fantastic", that staff went "above and beyond" and that they had "changed our lives."

In its format inspection report, the Care Inspectorate said: "Overall we found that this service provides a very good standard of support and is greatly appreciated by the people who use it.

"We saw many good examples of how the service focusses on the needs of individual tenants in order to help them remain in their own homes and help them have as good a quality of life as possible."

It also said Thenue was committed to "continually looking at ways to improve the service" provided.