Your bin collection service never stops – but please help your refuse collectors!

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Glasgow City Council are continuing to collect rubbish and clean streets, though many normal arrangements have changed because of the coronavirus crisis. Spare a thought for the operatives. They cannot consistently practise safe social distancing measures. They are being approached by members of the public more frequently than usual to inquire about collection, undermining some of their efforts to practice social distancing. Ask the Council about collection queries, not the front-line staff. Below, we have covered the main changes that we are aware of to help you. Be warned – if a member of the public does not stand away from their bin at the required two metres distance, that waste may not get collected. Help keep these heroes safe at work.

General waste bin collection and blue recycling bin collection services will continue as normal, but please give consideration to the regular cleaning of bin handles and lids. Wash your hands before and after touching bins. The collection crews are delivering essential services under challenging circumstances - please don't be afraid to show your appreciation of their efforts by thanking them, from a safe two metre distance. Be mindful where you park your car on collection days, so that refuse collection vehicles can gain access. With more people at home, residential roads are busier with parked cars making it harder for collection vehicles to get through, this is a particular issue in areas with narrow streets and lanes.
For homes or families with a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 case
Any individuals within households with a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 case should follow this advice to dispose of their household waste to ensure the virus is not spread via personal waste. All personal waste such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths should be placed securely in a plastic bag or bin liner. This plastic bag should then be placed in another plastic bag and securely tied. These bags must be stored separately to other waste for at least 72 hours before being placed in the green/metal general waste bin.

Suspended Services
In order to focus their resources on maintaining the uplift of general waste bins, they have taken the decision to suspend the following services until further notice:-
• Food Waste Collections: Collection of food waste from all properties will remain suspended until further notice. Please place food waste into your green or metal general waste bin.
• Brown Bin Recycling: Collection of brown recycling bins from front and back properties, (for food and garden waste), will remain suspended until further notice. Please do not present your brown bin for uplift. Please place food waste into your green general waste bin.
• Glass Bin Collection: Collection of glass from front and back door properties remains suspended until further notice. Please do not present your purple bin for collection. Subject to the current rules on social distancing and public gatherings, residents can still use the network of public collection points for glass bottles and jars, which are still being serviced by council staff. Details on the network of points are available on the council’s website.
• Bulky Waste: Collection of bulky waste was suspended from March 19, 2020 and will remain so until further notice. While the suspension of bulk uplift is in place please do not leave items on the street. These items will not be collected. Please leave any unwanted items safely on your own property such as in your back garden or your back court and remain mindful of any fire risk. Whilst adhering to the Government advice on social distancing, please share the above with any neighbours who may not have access online to this information.
• Household Waste Recycling Centres: All household waste recycling centres are closed until further notice.
• Charity Textile Banks: Due to the on-going situation charity partners are not currently collecting textiles from the network of textile recycling banks across the city. Please do not leave any bags of textiles adjacent to the banks as they will not be collected for recycling and to prevent public health issues, may be removed for disposal.

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