Changes to our Allocation Policy

Last updated: 11.25am, Monday 10th April 2017 by

On 28 February 2017, our Board approved two draft changes to our Allocation Policy. See below for more information. If you have any comments or would like any further information on these two proposed changes, please contact Paola Doyle by emailing or telephoning 0141 550 9548

The proposed changes are summarised below:

1. To introduce a new category for young care leavers (16 – 25 years of age) which will see them awarded High Priority where they are being referred from the Local Authority for rehousing

2. Where an applicant is awarded Urgent Priority for severe harassment, domestic abuse, management transfers or special cases, it is proposed that if the applicant has not been rehoused within a 6 month period, we will review the application and may remove the award of Urgent Priority